Scales1[1]Model Train Scale Explained

Model train scale can be somewhat confusing, and this can even be an issue for some experienced model railroaders as well.  The confusion specifically relates to the difference between scale and gauge, and actually ends there, or so it should.

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Building And Upgrading Freight Cars

In the past model railroaders who wanted a finely detailed rail or freight car had one option….they had to assemble a kit.  Fortunately, this situation has changed and today the model train enthusiast can find many high quality ready-to

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Digital Command Control

For most model railroaders the design and creation of their model railroad has been and is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  One can safely say that “leaving no stone unturned” is the  mindset of the hobbyist when it comes to....

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Model Steam Trains With the many types of rolling stock and locomotives to choose from in their various scales, model steam trains are certainly worth considering as an addition to your collection and to your layout. 



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Model Railroad Train Shows

Even if you’re an experienced model railroader you have probably heard this amazing pastime referred to as “The Wonderful World Of Model Trains” on more than one occasion.


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Model Trains MTH-Mike’s Train House
When you ask any model train hobbyist when he was drawn to this amazing hobby the answer is frequently the same. Their introduction and interest developed during their childhood, and this is also the case when referring to Mike Wolf, who at the age of twelve began building and selling model trains for Williams Electric Trains in the early seventies.....

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Model Train Track

You can invest months or even years in creating a precisely detailed model train layout.  However, if your trains do not run smoothly or trouble free all of the previously mentioned effort will quickly become a waste of time....

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Model Train Kits

If you’re considering model trains for a hobby one of the easiest and better ways to get started is to purchase one of the many model train kits that are available today.


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