Atlas Model Trains

It’s quite easy to understand why so many people are drawn to the hobby of model railroading.  There are very few pastimes which will allow you to completely lose track of time and the world around you.  However, model railroading is a pastime which will allow you to do exactly that.  There is an undeniable exactness which is mirrored by miniature model trains when compared to their real life prototypes that captures the imaginations of young and old.  Atlas Model Trains and their accessories has been in the business of manufacturing these type of model trains for over sixty years and continues to do so at the time of this writing.

Interestingly enough, the Atlas Model Train Company which opened it’s doors in 1924, was in fact, initially in the business of making tools.  It wasn’t until 1947 that the owner, whose name was Stephan Schaffan, through the urgings of his son, made the transition from being a tool company to a company that made most things which one would associate with model railroading. 

The beginning for this company was, as has been the case for many other successful companies, quite humble.  The owner’s son, Stefhan Schaffan Jr., made a “switch kit” which sold very well, and the motivation for creating this time saving kit was solely because hobbyist at the time had to build everything from scratch and this kit made things considerably easier.  Early production of the “scratch kit” was done in the basement of the Schffan’s home at night with the entire family pitching in to be able to keep up with the sales volume, and during the day the men returned to the tool company to put in a hard days work.  The hard work and determination paid off, because by 1949 the tool company officially closed its doors, and became a model train company which was and still is located in Hillside, New Jersey.

Over the many years that Atlas Model Trains has been in business they have developed a stellar reputation for quality and innovation as a family run business.  Although the company specializes in the manufacture of model railroad accessories and track, they also offer a wide array of additional products as well.

For example, if you model in the N, HO, or O scale you’ll discover when you visit the Atlas Model Train website that this company specializes in these scales.  If you’re new to this rewarding hobby having one location to do your shopping for locomotives, railcars, track, structures, wiring and electrical components can be conveniently accomplished through the online shopping feature offered at this site.

In fact, Atlas manufactures just about every type of accessory you will need to complete your model train layout.  To speak further about the quality that this company puts into its products would be redundant.  However, pricing information is always important, and even if you’re not on a limited budget.  You can purchase track pieces for around $10, freight cars are normally between $10 and $30, high end locomotives with DCC can be purchased for $200 to $300, and for as low as $70.  In general, you can rely on reasonable pricing and shipping costs for all of the Atlas product line.