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The construction of a model railroad layout is fun, educational, rewarding, and a very fulfilling creative project. The good news is that much of the model railroading process is on-the-job training.

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This is the only e-book in existence that takes the beginning or intermediate model train hobbyist by the hand and guides them every step of the way in the hobby of model railroading! This e-book is 163 pages and has been revised recently based on customer feedback. The second edition now includes more than twice the amount of information and also includes images and illustrations

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The Definitive Guide To
Model Trains (2nd Edition)

This is the only e-book in existence that takes the beginning or intermediate model train hobbyist by the hand and guides them every step of the way in the hobby of model railroading! This e-book is 163 pages and has been revised recently based on customer feedback.
The third edition now includes more than twice the amount of information and also includes images and illustrations...

audioflatSpecial Bonus #1 -The Definitive Guide To Model Trains Audio Version (2nd Edition)

Far too many people have work schedules and family responsibilities that are quite demanding and leave very little time for their personal interests. A convenient solution to this problem if you're planning on building a model train layout is to have an audio information resource.

The downloadable audio version for "The Definitive Guide To Model Trains" makes it possible to listen to this step by step instructional guide for building a model train layout at your convenience, and also while your involved with some other type of activity. Especially if you happen to be driving your car or maybe out for a casual walk (I-Pod) during your daily exercise period.

The audio version is a collection of MP3 files that can be converted to CD, downloaded to your I-Pod, or simply stored on your computer to be listened to whenever you wish.

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Bonus#2-Weathering Your Model Trains And Scenery

Weathering your model trains and scenery plays an important role in giving you layout an authentic and dated look. This report will make accomplishing this easy and uncomplicated. You’ll discover some valuable tips and easy to follow directions for dry brushing, weathering with washes, weathering with chalk, airbrushing, safety when weathering, cleaning up, and a complete list of things you’ll need when weathering.

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Bonus#3- A Comprehensive Glossary And Resource Guide

This guide is an absolute must for every new model train hobbyist and nice to have at hand even if you’ve been involved in model railroading for awhile.
Because there are so many terms related to this hobby…it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a glossary right at your finger tips. Another added bonus included in this guide is a resource section for model train magazines and websites, and this can be indispensable as well.

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Lifetime updates

Bonus#4- Free Life Time Updates


When a new edition of a hard copy book is released there is only one option which is available….you have to go to your local bookstore and purchase a copy.

The great thing about ordering my e-book “The Definitive Guide To Model Trains” is that it is a digital download and you can have it in your hands within minutes without leaving the comfort of your home.

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What this means, is that when I release the next edition of the “Definitive Guide To Model Trains” you will automatically receive a copy for FREE. I keep a list of all my clients, and the moment my new edition is completed you’ll be notified, and instructions will be provided so that you may download the new edition immediately.

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If you’re interested in finding something that is actually a great value….this is it! When you buy my e-book you’re also going to gain access to a Free 30 day trial membership in the Model Railroader’s Club.

This free trial will provide you with an opportunity to take a look at all of the various model railroading How To content which is offered with this club membership.

When you take your tour, keep in mind that what you’re seeing is only the beginning. You see, throughout each month that you are a member, you can look forward to new “How To” content or articles being added to the club for the various topic headings. The following are topic examples:

1.  Model Railroading “Quick Start” Guide
2. Trackwork And Wiring
3. Layout Design
4. Repair and Maintenance
5. Benchwork Construction
6. Scenery Tips And Techniques
7. Running And Operating Your Railroad
8. Rolling Stock
9. Digital Command Control Systems
10. Building Structures
11. Weathering
12. Creating A Backdrop
13. Locomotives
14. Freight Cars
15. Detailing Your Model Railroad
16. And Much More!

As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of information which is included in the Model Railroader’s Club. In fact, anything you want to know about model railroading can be found in this club, and as was previously mentioned the content increases on a monthly basis which more than confirms the value of the club membership.

However, should you decide after your 30 day trial membership is completed that you no longer wish to be a member… simply cancel your membership to prevent future billing.

Membership payments are processed through Pay Pal which is a highly respected and secure payment site, and you can cancel through them or you can send me an email at to cancel.

I’m confident that you’ll prefer to remain a member after your tour is completed for many months and even possibly years.

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As previously mentioned, you retain the right after the trial period to continue your membership or to cancel. The choice is yours. Everything that you receive is digitally downloadable and you will be provided with instructions which are clear and easy to understand. That’s all there is to it.

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