Building Model Railway Trains And Scenery Is The Ultimate Hobby

An important part of Christmas for my family has always been placing our model train set around our Christmas tree each year. I bet I’m making a pretty good guess that many other families do this as well.

 It could very well be that you’ve arrived at the point where your tired of repeating this year in and year out, and your ready to consider building model railway trains and scenery that will be around for awhile.

If this is the case, then you’ll have to decide how you want to display your layout and what your going place it on. Rather than setting it on a piece of plywood supported by sawhorses, you may prefer to build a bench work for your layout. The bench work is known as the foundation for your railroad, and as a model train hobbyist, you have two viable options to choose from.

You can elect to purchase a pre-made kit, or become involved in the process of building one yourself. Purchasing a ready made kit is the most recommended choice, because they are precut and predrilled. In addition, they can handle more weight, and have the advantage of being movable to another location in your home, and can also be easily transported to shows.

Making the decision to build your own bench work will involve both time and effort, but truly represents the pleasure of having a hobby like this. Constructing your own bench work will enable you to achieve exactly what you have pre-planned for your layout.

Your initial task will be in developing a design for your layout, and an important aspect of this will be to determine what size you’ll want your bench work to be. Some questions you may want to consider in advance of the actual construction will be: Do you plan on increasing it’s size in the future? How large do you want it to be, and do you actually have adequate space in your house to place it?

You’ll have to decide on the shape for the surface of your bench work. Do you want it to be square, rectangular, oval, or circular? One of the more important things to include in your planning is to make sure your bench work is sturdy and can support whatever you intend to place on it. A good choice for a platform is built with a 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch thick sheet of plywood. You may also want to plan to make your bench work in sections, making it more easily portable.

After completing the construction of your bench work, the next part of your layout you’ll want to consider is the creation of it’s scenery. One of the more important issues to consider when you begin creating your scenery is perspective. You want to create the illusion of your layouts appearance to be bigger than it actually is.

Using different stages of scenery can assist with this. A simple rule to follow is to place larger things in the foreground and smaller in the background. This concept applies to buildings, trees, mountains, and anything else you can think of to add to your scenery.

In designing your scenery it should closely represent the idea that you’ve conceived for your landscape. Everything you decide on should have a continuity that that makes sense to the observer. For example, if your building a train depot, everything in that setting should appear as it would in a real life setting.

Other nice touches that can add to the ambiance and realism of your theme include, tunnels, grassy meadows, fields, rock formations, roads, and bridges. You can also incorporate towns or villages filled with houses and buildings to emphasize the fine detail of your theme.

Other examples of this type of detail include the addition of signs, telephone polls, fences, underbrush, bushes, flowers, hedges, people, and animals. Another creative idea that will take your scenery to a more realistic level, is to add bodies of water like ponds, rivers, streams, or even waterfalls.

One important part of why we entered into this hobby is to be able to demonstrate our artistic talent by building an amazing display of scenery to compliment our train layout. With that said, it’s time for you to start working, and impress your friends and family members with this great talent you have!