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Weathering Your Model Trains Without An Airbrush

If your new to model railroading everything you experience initially is fresh and a unique experience of one type or another. One of the things which you will hear with great frequency is that the most effective approach to making your model railroad look authentic and realistic is through giving attention to detail when it […]

Adding Graffiti To Model Trains

There was a time when rail cars only had their identifying markings and patina, which was and is the result of traveling thousands of miles over rails throughout the United States, and it is quite likely that this is true of railcars which are run in other countries as well. As modelers, we strive for […]

How To Secure Scenery To A Model Train Layout Surface

Just think about how unimaginative and barren a model train layout would appear if it lacked scenery and the many elements which can represent scenicking on a model train layout. What if there was no scenery of any type, no mountains or hills, roads, highways, people, livestock, birds, dogs, cats. water features of all types, […]

Making Maximum Use Of The Space Available For A Model Train Layout

For the majority of model railroaders, the space they have available in which to build the model train layout they originally envisioned is often inadequate. There are some obvious solutions that are easy to incorporate at the very onset of construction, and the most common of these is to model in one of the smaller […]

Modeling Prototype Railroads

If you’ve chosen model railroading as a hobby you share some common issues with all of those people who represent your peer group. The obvious of which is your interest in trains in general. Your initial influence to choose this pastime may be somewhat different than others who enjoy this rewarding hobby, but trains on […]

How To Replace Model Train Wheels

One of the great pleasures all model railroaders share is in purchasing rolling stock for their model train layouts, and justifiably so! After all, a great deal of time, effort, and research is spent by the hobbyist in selecting the right scale for their layout, as well as the time spent in choosing an era […]

What You Should Know About Toy Trains

While most model train enthusiasts elect to model in the more prominent and popular scales such as the HO, N, S, and O as well as some of the smaller scales such as the Z or TT, there are also modelers who are just as devoted in their modeling efforts to toy trains. In fact, […]

What You Should Know About Model Train Scale

Model train scale can be somewhat confusing. This can be true for those who are new to the hobby, and can also include model train enthusiast who have been involved in the hobby for awhile. The confusion specifically relates to the difference in the definitions of scale and gauge, and actually ends there because there […]

How To Buy And Sell Model Trains

If there is an objection or complaint about the hobby of model railroading it is that it can be or become a fairly expensive pastime. One thing you can do to make the costs manageable is to not only carefully research and pre-plan the model railroad you plan to build, but to also built your […]

Not Enough Room For Your Model Train Layout? Maybe Not!

The Problem: The most common question on model railroading or model train forums comes from model train enthusiasts who want to know how to build a layout in a confined, narrow, or small space. And, it isn’t just forums where this question is asked. You will also find this issue addressed in hobby related magazines, […]