Fleischmann Model Trains-A Historical Overview

Fleishmann model trains is a company that is based in Nuremberg, Germany and has business since 1887. However, in the early years of this companies history it was only involved in the manufacture of toys. The chief among these was toy boats, and it wasn’t until 1939 that they entered into the model railroading industry.

Each year Fleischmann committed to those steps which were necessary to become more competitive in the model railroading world, and in 1949 introduced the O scale as part of their model line-up. As one can see the companies progress didn’t progress at a snail’s pace but it also did not move rapidly either. It wasn’t until 1952 that they introduced their own HO line of models, and then after 17 years had passed they began to produce N scale model trains.

With this said, however, Fleishmann is a company that maintains a continuous commitment to excellence in quality, durability and since the date of its conception, has continued to keep up with changes in the model railroading industry. This attention has not been limited to locomotives alone, but rather to the railcars it produces and other accessories which are important to model train enthusiasts.

Being intuitive about the needs of those who are new to this hobby hasn’t escaped Fleishmann’s attention over the years, and they accommodate there customers with out of the box and ready to run kits, which is one additional reason for this companies popularity in the world of model trains.

Although the company started with the production of O scale model trains they have always had their eye to the future, and in 1952 added the HO scale to their line of model trains as was mentioned earlier.. They introduced their first HO trains at the Nuremberg Toy Fair which was met by visitors with great enthusiasm. They also implemented the two rail DC which made them the first company to introduce a product line of this type for their HO scale.

In keeping with their desire to continuously update their technology Fleishmann has also introduced digital command control systems to make running their model trains even more fun and enjoyable.

When DCC is used to run model trains it allows the hobbyist to run more than one train independently, and in so doing enables the hobbyist to create a model train layout that is all the more interesting to the model railroader, and anyone who is observing the layout. This has resulted in a higher demand for Fleishmann model trains and without question a higher level of profit for the company.

From the very beginning Fleishmann has offered a selection of locomotives which includes the 01 tender locomotive, 80 tank, and the class E44 electric locomotive.

Fleishmann is a company that is well invested in making every possible effort to produce model trains and their accessories in the most exacting of detail. Always recognizing that serious model railroaders demand control and exacting realism which has contributed to their success over the years in which they have been in business.

In addition, Fleishmann has placed a great deal of emphasis on the development of tracks for it’s model trains, and offers tracks with a full profile rail. There track selection is made available for the N, HO, and O scale.

As mentioned previously, Fleishmann is well known for the quality of their start-up kits which are ideal for anyone just starting out in this amazing hobby. The kit includes an oval layout which allows the new hobbyist to gain the experience which is so important when first starting out, and at the same time provides the opportunity to add to the complexity of the layout at a later date.


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