G Scale Model Trains

The name G scale is frequently associated with the term “garden railroading, and the reason for this is because not only are the G scale model trains some of the largest in the group of model train scales, but this scale is often selected for outdoor railroading. In fact, the G scale model train is typically set up outdoors, rather than indoors, and it is not unusual to find them set up in gardens.

It is their durability that makes them such a great choice for these type of settings. This particular type of model train is commonly known as the workhorse of model trains throughout the world. It runs on 1 gauge track and has been around since the late 1960s. The scale itself is twenty times smaller than its prototype counterpart.

G scale model trains were designed and developed by Ernst Pattenwerk, a German company, often referred to as Lehman Gross Bahn or “Lehmann Big Train” in English. The company was founded in 1881 and had a USA side of the company called LGB of America.

One of the more outstanding characteristics about this particular scale is its appeal to families and in particular around the holidays, and for that matter, the scale provides year round entertainment. The grand size of this particular model makes it unique, easy to handle, and these qualities just adds to the fun of displaying operating it, and certainly adds one more added bonus to the festivities of our annual holidays.

Another unique quality of the G scale train is the fact they are made of brass, and this is what makes them virtually maintenance free. The only task a G scale train owner really needs to do is give the tracks a single swipe with a clean cloth and his or her trains are ready for operation once again.

It is also worth mentioning that this particular scale can be set up and displayed indoors if there is adequate space available. Another important benefit of owning a G train is that parents can feel assured that their children will be able to manage handling with greater ease, and will have a toy that will last for years to come. Parents can feel confident that their children will not be disappointed because of unwanted breakage which can be the result of rough handling. With that said, these qualities are just one more reason for selecting this size train.

A little technical information about the G scale model train:
G scale model trains are usually 1:22 to the actual size of their real counterpart. Most other types of model train scales come in much lower ratios.

The O scale which is also considered part of the larger scale trains is only 1:48 to the actual size, which is roughly half the size of the G scale model trains. The G scale train has a length of about 26.7 inches and a height of about 6 inches in comparison to the O scale train which is much smaller.

The G scale model train can easily be considered the most unique of the various model trains, and offers the collector a great motivation to showcase their collection, whether it be at home or at model railroading shows.


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