L Line Model Trains-The Popular Lego Model

If your looking for a model train which does not have a specific scale, and is more than unusual and definitely unique, you may want to spend a little time researching l line model trains.

If your not familiar with this particular model train line, which would not surprise me at all, it is actually a model train with all of the various components which are associated with model railroading that is manufactured by a well known company whose name is Lego.

It is actually pretty reasonable to think that Lego model trains are not the first choice which may come to mind when deciding on a type of train to build your layout around.

Most model railroaders are more likely to research model train scales like the HO, N, S, Z, O or G.   However, there are definitely collectors who devote all of their time and energy to this distinctive model train line known as the L line, and many have very elaborate layouts.

Think I’m kidding you?  If so, just take an online trip to YouTube, and you’ll discover quite a few interesting and entertaining videos which are devoted to the Lego model train, and the various layouts which have been build by some pretty serious modelers.

If your first thought was to conclude that Lego model trains were only meant for children you would be quite wrong. The interest in the this train definitely includes adults, and in fact, the commitment to this model is not any different than any of the other scales. With a little online research you’ll find that there are Lego model train associations, conventions, and  even shows.

Lego first introduced their model trains in 1966, and these first trains required that you manually push them around their tracks.  The first electric powered Lego model train wasn’t made available to the public until 1969 and it’s introduction into the modeling world was met with more than mild interest.

More than one parent recognized that this particular type of model train would be the perfect choice for their children. Initially, one could easily say that the first Lego model train sets were quite spartan and definitely required some improvement.

In fact, the Lego model train was completely reworked in the 1980’s, 199l, 2006, and 2007.  Most of the changes were centered around the type of voltage used to power the trains and in the end Lego’s final decision was to completely do away with their 9 volt system, and this decision resolved a number of complaints which were registered by hobbyist.

Along with the change in voltage Lego introduced their first remote controlled trains which were and are run on batteries.  An additional change involved changing the tracks for these model trains from metal to plastic in an effort to reduce costs for their product.

If the Lego train is a model that you may want to take a closer look at you’ll be pleased to learn that there is a membership which you can join whose name is the International Lego Train Club Organization which is an excellent resource for information about this interesting model train.  Also, the community of Lego model train enthusiasts is also supported by a magazine about this unique train called Railbricks.


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