Lionel Model Trains Define The Hobby Of Model Railroading

If someone told me that their first model train set was made by Lionel, it would not come as a surprise at all. During Lionel’s peak period, the Lionel model trains manufactured at this time were known for their attention to detail and quality throughout world.

Lionel is not only known for defining the hobby of model railroading, they also played an active role in creating the most common scales used in model trains today. None of this would have been possible without the work and expertise of an engineer with exceptional marketing skills, whose name was Joshua Lionel Cowen, the founder of this unique company.

Their success through attention to detail and quality in their products still holds true to today and can be seen in their Hogwart’s Express for Harry Potter fans, the Polar Express, or their Pennsylvania steam freight train. Lionel offers a wide variety of model trains to choose from, and are true to the originals, whether they are real or imaginary.

Adding to the accomplishments of this company is the award of being inducted into the “National Toy Hall Of Fame” for the manufacture of one of it’s electric trains. Quite an achievement for a company that was begun in the latter part of 1800. It was through this type of success that initiated the phenomenon of model train collecting at the very beginning of the twentieth century.

In speaking about the popularity of Lionel model trains here’s a little something that I’m willing to bet that you don’t know, and it might even persuade you to take a closer look at the Lionel model train when your thinking about adding something new to your collection, or if your just buying your first train set.

Have you ever watched the TV program Criminal Minds? If you have, you probably didn’t know that one of the previous main characters, Mandy Patinkin, is a an avid collector of Lionel trains, and another well known celebrity singer/songwriter Neil Young, is also a collector-operator. Did You know that When Frank Sinatra was alive he built a special building on his Palm Springs compound to house his operating 1949 train station layout?

Even more interesting for the hobbyist is the fact that the now-famous steam train circling the grounds of Disney’s Magic Kingdom near Orlando, Florida was inspired by Ward Kimball, a Disney designer and artist.

Choosing model trains as hobby is a choice that you could never go wrong with. Not only is it a hobby that you can share with your family, but as the years go by you’ll be able to share it with your grandchildren as well, and selecting a Lionel train to begin your collection is the perfect choice for starting your hobby.