Marklin Model Trains

Whether your new or an experienced model railroader, deciding on which manufacturer to purchase your supplies and trains from can be somewhat challenging because there are so many to choose from. One of the better companies to buy from is Marklin Model Trains. They are renown for their authenticity and fine attention to detail.

If your not familiar with the Marklin line of model trains it should be encouraging and also reassuring to learn that this company has been around for one hundred and fifty years, and if you’re a serious collector, they currently have several commemorative models which you can select from to add to your model railroading empire.

Marklin is a German based company and is the countries number one model train manufacturer of model trains, and they also are recognized as being one of the top model train manufacturers in the world.

The company is well known for producing one of the first fully functional and complete clockwork model train sets, and this accomplishment was in the latter part of the eighteen hundreds.

One of the more interesting and unique facts about this company is that they are responsible for the development and creation of almost every gauge and scale that are popular among model railroaders today.

The first of the scales that Marklin brought to the forefront of model railroading is the HO scale, and this scale is without doubt one of the more popular of the current scales that are available.

Its popularity is further bolstered by the fact that it offers a wide array of accessories, and the price for locomotives, rail cars and other items that are needed to build a complete model train layout are well within the reach of most hobbyist.

Perhaps one of the more unique and special scales that Marklin began producing in the early 1970’s is the Z scale. This particular scales special place in the world of model railroading is benchmarked by the fact that it is one of the world’s smallest scales.

If there is a problematic issue for some hobbyist with this particular size scale it is one of handling. This tiny scale will take a great deal of patience when worked with because its size may not be suitable for some enthusiast and especially children.

There is one peculiar characteristic that is associated with Marklin model trains and that is it’s system that is known as the “Marklin system.” This is a system that uses a third rail that is embedded in the roadbed. The drawback for some hobbyist relates to the fact that if they have two wheel track trains these will have to be modified to work with this type of system.

If you decide that you’d like to purchase your locomotives and rail cars from this one of a kind company, you’ll be more than pleased when you discover the broad selection of accessories that Marklin also provides its customers.



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