Model Railroading “Quick Start” Guide

The videos which have been made available in this section were provided by Model Railroader Magazine who we owe many thanks too for this valuable contribution.  If you’re new to the hobby, or have been active with this rewarding pastime for awhile, this is one of the more informative magazines which is available and definitely worth subscribing to.

The videos included in this bonus are hosted by Michael Gross who is a well known television actor.  This collection of videos will further insure
that building your model train layout will be as rewarding as it was meant to be….

Building A Benchwork

Note:  Where there are multiple ways in which a bench work can be constructed, these methods are by no means infinite.  However, with that said, as with all other topics which are presented here at the Model Railroaders Club, each of these methods will be presented, and as new projects and as they are posted you’ll be notified via private email when they are posted….

Project One-Building An Easy and Versatile Benchwork

It is important to recognize that very few layouts which  are elaborate or of medium size are built in the course of a  few days.  For that matter, very few are constructed in weeks.  Rather, they are built over a period of months and sometimes years.  For some model railroaders a model train layout may be a project that consumes a lifetime, and that is actually the fun of this rewarding and fulfilling hobby….

Construction Hand Tools

Fortunately, you only need a handful of basic carpentry tools, and you’ll find that you can continue to use these same tools for other model railroad projects that will come up in the future, as well as for projects that which inevitably come up around the house….

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