Model G Scale Trains-The Ourdoor Train

Model G scale trains have not only been around for quite some time, they are also an excellent solution to the problem of limited indoor space for your layout. This particular model scale is most commonly used in outdoor settings.  However, because they are manufactured in virtually every scale, the model train enthusiast has more than one choice for building his or her layout, and this characteristic speaks directly to the G scales increasing rise in popularity.

If your new to model railroading you may not have considered the possibility of creating your model railroad empire in an outdoor setting.  Rather than facing the problem of building your layout in a confined area, you have the potential when working with this scale to essentially use all or most of your backyard landscape to craft the model train layout of your dreams.

Deciding on an outdoor layout built around the G scale model train does have certain drawbacks which you’ll have to consider, and one of the more important of these relates to weather changes in the area in which you reside.

Fortunately, this scale is one of the more durable scales which are manufactured, and this certainly contributes to its popularity.  On the other hand, measures will still have to be taken to protect your trains and layout, because they are not completely impervious to severe weather changes.

Another issue you’ll want to seriously consider relates to building a suitable roadbed for your train to travel on to insure that you have proper drainage.  This effort will help guarantee that you will keep water off of your tracks.  This concept is also adhered to when tracks are constructed for real life trains.  With that said, you may want to visit the nearest railroad tracks in your area to observe and evaluate how tracks are actually set up to solve this problem.

One more matter which you’ll have to give a little thought to is the natural curiosity of your household pets, and other wildlife who may think that you’ve added some new toys to your landscaping which are purely for their entertainment.

Caring for and maintaining the landscaping which surrounds and borders your layout is one more way to guarantee that plants and their vines will not grow into and over your tracks which will inevitably derail or disable your trains.

On a more positive note, you’ll find that the precision and quality found in the G scale train is at the highest level, and worth every penny you invest in this scale.  You’ll also be pleased to see your children’s reactions when they play with this scale train.  There is no doubt that this scale makes for easier handling and gives the feel of the real life prototype more than other scales.

Furthermore, there is less maintenance to be concerned with as the tracks used for the G scale are made of brass, and for the most part will only require being wiped off with a clean cloth or wire wool when required.  The final word here is that you’ll spend less time performing time consuming maintenance and more time enjoying this unique scale.

More important than your own personal enjoyment with this scale is the fact that your entire family as well as friends will find it irresistible and thoroughly entertaining as well.  Working with the design of a new landscape theme for your train layout, and its final result will certainly represent something that is entirely different than others in your neighborhood, and will be sure to promote an interest level which you may not have been prepared for.