Model Steam Trains

With the many types of rolling stock and locomotives to choose from in their various scales, model steam trains are certainly worth considering as an addition to your collection and to your layout. These trains are and can be an exact or near perfect replication of those trains which represent one of the more important eras in the United States and other parts of the world as well.

Unquestionably the steam train made an extraordinarily important contribution to the early economic growth of the U.S., and was also responsible for transporting goods and people in a new and more expedient way than had ever been accomplished before.

As mentioned, model steam trains are available in all of the various scales. If your space is limited you’ll be able to add this type of train and it’s accessories in the size which is most suitable for your needs. Alternatively, if you’re a model railroader who prefers a grander size, and whose preference is to add an addition to your model train empire that you and others can actually ride on, this version and size is available as well.


With that said, however, one must be aware that before making a commitment to a garden railway the expense for becoming   involved with this larger scale is much higher, and there may be a need for a boiler inspection as well.

Not only should you check to see if this is a requirement in the area in which you reside, you may want to find out if there are any local clubs which feature garden railways as well.

These types of clubs frequently make rides available to the public, and what would be a better way if you’re a model railroader than to spend the day with friends, your children, or grandchildren, and with people who share your interest in this amazing hobby. At the very least, you may develop new friendships with others who you can exchange your thoughts about model railroading and new ideas with.

Additionally, there is one more possibility to be considered. Rather than purchase one of these unique models you may want to consider building your model from scratch. There is no greater endeavor for a hobbyist than starting at ground level with a project, and then creating everything through the use of your mind and hands.

Although building a model steam train from scratch would certainly be an ambitious project, you also have to consider that when you bring this type of project to a completed stage, it will be extremely rewarding and one more approach to model railroading which should be considered.

Incidentally, there are a number of new innovations which have been made available for the model steam train, and the most significant is the invention of DCC, which makes it possible to do even more exciting and interesting things with your locomotive. Not the least of which is the ability to run multiple trains simultaneously.

Just as important, Hornby who is one of the more important model train manufacturers introduced the first electrical model steam train in 2003 in the 00 scale. This, of course, is not a recent addition to their line, but important to note for those who are new to model railroading.

With this development, every model railroader with an interest in owning an electric model steam train is now able to enjoy one more aspect to this rewarding hobby. The electric steam train includes water to create actual real steam. Definitely the touch of realism model railroaders are trying to achieve with their layouts. Additionally, sound and appearance of smoke emitting from the locomotives stack are and can be added as well.

Finally, in answer to where to purchase this type of model, they are made available by almost every manufacturer in every scale, and to make things more convenient, you can, if you wish, do your shopping from the comfort of your home by making your purchase or purchases online.

As is always the case, a visit to your local model train hobby shop is another option, and the employees who work in this type of specialty shop are much more knowledgeable than those who work in a regular hobby shop.

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