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Would you like to share your model train layout photos with the visitors to this site?
Send your pictures to:
When you send your pictures also include a little information about yourself and your layout.
If your layout is a work in progress….don’t worry, because other model railroaders will appreciate your effort and progress.
Here are a few layout photos that have been sent to Model Train Tips And Advice which I’m sure you’ll enjoy!
The following photos were submitted by: John and Sue Heath, UK
John and his wife have this to say about model railroading and their layout:

Hello Elliot, your latest email suggested that you may be interested in our new and first attempt at building a model railway.

Many years ago I set up a simple loop in the loft with my son. It didn’t take long for him to lose interest. Shame really – I was using Fleischmann gear and I loved it.

Now, more than fifty years later and recently married, I told my wife of my original interest in model railways and both of us decided it might be nice to build an HO setup, continental in flavor, and getting a little inspiration from the front cover of Continental Modeler Magazine. I got stuck on eBay and couldn’t get off it!!.

We had a mad spending spree mainly using eBay and now have some sixteen locos. [Fleischmann] more than fifty buildings, loads of track, trucks and accessories. It was a crazy way to start and we needed to grab a spare bedroom to accommodate all this stuff !! All done in something of an enthusiastic hurry [ I’ve just passed eighty!! ] and my lovely wife is an enthusiastic modeler !!

I’ve attached a few pictures showing the progress. so far.

The layout will be along two walls [15 and 9 feet ], a window wall [9 foot ]with removable access. The ends are 3 foot diameter to allow two continuous main lines with a third long loop for a high level line .Between ends the boards are 2ft 6ins wide. The baseboards are 6mm MDF. All legs, supports and wall rail are steel bracketed everywhere and are immensely strong.

The third side is going to be for the loco sheds and wonderful Fleischmann turntable and will be a busy little spot. The trackwork is PECO 100. Picture 47 shows my wife fixing down some track which is PECO 100 [she’s an absolute gem] When I sit on the floor to get under the boards I have a bit of a job getting up so Sue does that for me. She is able to do the wiring with some direction from me. This is a super joint hobby and we are getting plenty of pleasure from it.

We are going for DCC and have a Fleischmann Twin Centre and the matching Twin Controller. to enable us to control both ends of the room together. All locos are coded.

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