N Scale Model Trains Will Fit Anywhere!

When you first enter the world of model trains, you hear conversations being exchanged between hobbyist that are at the very least, both confusing and intimidating. Hobbyist easily talk about scales and gauges as though they were part of everyday conversations. If you have a passion for model trains, and an interest in N scale model trains your comprehension and understanding will increase as it does with anything else you gain experience with.
 The first thing you have to analyze, is size, when initially planning your layout, and what type of train you would like to see rolling through it. Your choices for trains and tracks are numerous because there are so many different manufacturers. Rather than being stuck with a choice that is confusing, you should consider yourself lucky, because of the large selection, you’ll be able to make a final choice that will fit your want and needs.This is where scale and gauge play an important role. Fortunately, manufacturers have simplified this by producing tracks that will fit on any type of track, and this will facilitate making your decision for trains and track much easier.

When referring to the scale of a train, hobbyist are referring to the trains size. Scale means exactly what it seems to imply. It means a scaled down replica or version of the life size or the prototype train. It is the ratio and the different letters assigned to the scales that reflect the natural differences in ratio.

An important factor in selecting the N scale model train as the model scale of your choice, is the fact that it is ideal if you have a limited amount of space for your layout. It’s size is one of the smallest of the scales you have to choose from, and is only one sixtieth the size of it’s real life prototype. If you were to do a side by side comparison with an HO scale model, you would discover that the N scale model train is only half it’s size.

This scale size may be a preference, if in fact, you don’t have a lot of room for your layout. An interesting fact about the N scale is that although it is intended to take less space, it in fact presents more detail, and this may have an appeal for some hobbyist.  Having rail cars and supplies that are smaller will also make it easier to increase the size of your layout in the future, and it is well worth mentioning that the diminutive size of the N scale train enhances the beauty of your scenery.

Selection of model train scale is entirely up to the collector, and the N scale represents just one of many to choose from. In the final selection, your choice will depend on what’s best for you, and in no way detracts from the joy of being a model train hobbyist.