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Dear Fellow Model Train Enthusiast:

Welcome To Model Train Tips And Advice,

My name is Elliot Davenport and I’ve been a model train hobbyist for several years. I can honestly say, and you may have even heard this before, that model trains are “The World’s Greatest Hobby.”

During the years that I’ve been a model train enthusiast, I’ve acquired a great deal of knowledge about this hobby, and I know better than most people that committing to a new interest and pastime can be very challenging ….

With that said, however, building a model railroad is fun, educational, rewarding, and a very creative project. If you look at building a model railroad as a whole it can definitely seem intimidating. However, you can rely on the fact that no one has built a layout in one day or even a few days…..or for that matter, not even in 100 days.

Rather, model railroading is often a lifelong hobby. When you view this pastime in this way, it’s easy to see that a finished layout actually consists of many individual projects, completed an hour or two at a time, and this is why model railroading is so enjoyable.

What other pastime can you become involved in where you completely lose track of time and have your own little world in which you can escape? The world we live in today is without question a “pressure cooker,” and committing to a hobby which will allow you to relieve some of the stress we confront daily is an excellent way to escape, and at the same time become involved in a highly creative pursuit.

It is for this reason that I created this site which I named Model Train Tips and Advice, which is a website solely and exclusively devoted to the rewarding pastime of model railroading.

My goal with this site and my newsletter is to provide you with the best, and most cutting edge information that is currently available about model railroading and the process of creating a model train layout.

The FREE informational resources which are on this website include the following: articles, videos, a mini-course, and weekly newsletter. Also, “The Definitive Guide To Model Trains,” which is one of the most comprehensive e-books available on the internet is also available to purchase as well, and is the perfect compliment to my newsletter and mini-course.

These resources will further guarantee that your initial and continued experience with this amazing pastime will be as rewarding and enjoyable as it should be, and also help you avoid the common mistakes that most new model train hobbyist make.

It is my intention to regularly update this site with any and all new information about model railroading as it becomes available for my visitors.

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Every other week you’ll be able to look forward to information which will answer the most important questions model railroaders have, and the information include in this newsletter will cover every topic that relates to this amazing pastime. Have a question about weathering…..no problem….or a question about wiring or anything else about this hobby….it won‘t be a problem…..

You’ll be able to rely on the “Model Railroader Newsletter” for the answers to all of your questions which you may have that are related to this amazing hobby….

MTN “Model Train Info” A Highly Informative And Content Rich Weekly Newsletter For Model Railroaders At Any Level Of Experience......

If You Are A New Model Train Hobbyist Or Even If You’ve Been Involved With This Amazing Pastime For Awhile…..

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Also……The “Model Train Secrets”
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1.  Discover how to keep your locomotive running smoothly and how to prevent unwanted derailments with these uncomplicated techniques.…

2.  You’ll discover some very smart ways for utilizing the space in your home which will aid in creating the illusion that your layout is really larger than it actually is. Additionally, you get some helpful tips that will show you how to integrate your model railroad with its surroundings and…..

3.  You’ll also learn how to quickly and easily repair minor problems yourself and why and when you should use an experienced technician to handle certain types of problems and.…

4.  You’ll discover the “dirty little secret” experienced model railroaders don’t want you to know, and how knowing this one piece of valuable information will make building your layout so much easier and….

5.  You’ll learn why it is so important to start from the very beginning as a model railroader with an organized plan for building your layout, and how this will allow you to really enjoy this hobby, get the most out of the pastime, and more importantly avoid costly and time consuming mistakes….

6.  Discover how to keep your locomotive running smoothly and how to prevent unwanted derailments with these uncomplicated techniques.…

7.  You’ll learn why model railroading is known as “The World’s Greatest Hobby” and why so many people from every walk of life, gender, and age make this rewarding pastime a part of their life….

8.  This is actually a small sampling of what you can expect to learn if you subscribe to the “Model Train Secrets” mini-course….it covers many other topics and much, much more.

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Model Railroader Newsletter And 12 Day Mini-Course


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