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"Who Else Wants To Learn How To Build
 A Realistic And Functional Model Train 

Layout And Avoid Costly And Time 

Consuming Mistakes?

If Your Serious About Building The Model Train Layout Of Your
Dreams In The Space You Have Available And Within Your
Budget….You Owe It To Yourself To Read

Every Word Of This Letter!

 Date: November 24, 2009
 From: Elliot Davenport
 Founder And Editor Of
 Model Train Tips and Advice  

 Dear Model Train Enthusiast,

f  you've been dreaming about building your first model train layout, it wouldn't surprise me at  all if you'r more than a little intimidated by everything you need to know  to successfully  accomplish this goal.

 It's not uncommon for the most experienced of model train hobbyist to run into problems that  take countless numbers of hours and even days to solve.                   
 These problems can involve disasters with scenery, derailments, or electrical shorts that are  sometimes difficult to find and figure out how to repair.  

 You will certainly be challenged if you are new to this hobby, by a variety of issues which can occur  while building a model train layout.…
and you shouldn’t be intimidated by knowing this, because  this is part of the fun with this hobby, and dealing with it's challenges shouldn't be  frustrating!
The problems that can and do come up when building a model train layout, are easy to fix and  can definitely be prevented.

You No Longer Have To Worry
Because You've Come To The Right

You see, if you were thinking that you have to possess certain skill sets to successfully                      create a model train layout, you could easily be preventing yourself from participating in                 one of the world’s greatest hobbies!  
 Through my personal experience as a model railroader I know that if you're provided          with targeted information that guides you from the beginning to the final stage of                              construction, you’ll  be able to avoid costly mistakes, and with a reasonable amount of                      effort,  you’ll be able to enjoy the model train layout which you’ve spent so much time                      dreaming about.

 The e-book that I've written is as comprehensive a guide to model railroading as you'll find            anywhere, starting with some basic "train knowledge" and continuing on to the more                  detailed aspects of the hobby.

 I wrote this e-book with both the beginner and the intermediate hobbyist in mind. And
 yes, this hobby can become quite complicated and detailed, and that tends to be                                  ntimidating for some people. The beauty of this pastime is that the  constuction of a model            railroad layout is fun, educational, rewarding, and a very creative project.  The good new is            that much of the model railroading process is on-the-job-training.

 You"ll learn needed skills as you go, and your modeling expertise will grow with each new              project.  Best of all, when you complete the construction of your layout. You'll be able to                  share it with friends and family and enjoy it for many years to come.

 With that said, if you are interested in learning everything there is to know about model                    railroading....this is going to be the most important information you'll ever read....

With The Right Information Anyone Can Build
 The Model Train Layout Of Their Dreams!

"The Definitive Guide To Model Trains"
Provide You With:

                   check  Creative Ideas For Building Scenery

            check  Quick And Easy Solutions For Electrical Problems

check  Tips For Weathering Trains And Structures

check  Secrets That Are Not Well Known

check  Advice That Will Save You Time And Money

Just Imagine Being Able To Build A
  Model Train Layout That You Can Be
   Incredibly Proud Of....

You can turn your dream into a reality by downloading the new second edition of my e-book today, and when you do you’ll discover in Chapter 4 of  “The Definitive Guide To Model Trains,”  that I get into the nitty-gritty of model railroading….the tracks, the wiring and the physical layout of the land.

Here, I'll describe all of the various types of tracks….. how they're wired to ensure that they work continuously, and just as important, how to create a layout that doesn't derail your poor  train every time it rounds a corner. 

In other chapters you’ll learn how to create realistic scenery that will look like a professional did the work….you’ll also learn how to fix annoying electrical shorts yourself, and so much more.…

Each chapter in my e-book covers every aspect for building the model train layout of your dreams in exacting detail….I can easily guarantee that this e-book will prevent you from spending countless numbers of hours reading other books about model railroading which will take an enormous amount of time to accomplish!

Will I Really Be Able To Create The
Model Train Layout Of My

The answer to your question is a RESOUNDING YES!  You only need to be
provided with the right information and you can accomplish exactly what your planning on.

 You can achieve your goal  within your budget requirements and with the space you have available.

 If you follow the information provided in the 2nd edition of my e-book you’ll be able to put this info to use immediately and be well on your way to having the model train layout you envisioned!

"The Definitive Guide To Model Trains" takes a straight forward... no nonsense approach to showing you how to quickly and easily build the model train layout that you 've always dreamed of having....

My Personal Commitment To You
As A Model Train Hobbyist...

Several years ago I was in the exact same position that you are in right now.  I spent tremendous

amount of wasted time, thinking, reading, and day dreaming about model trains as my future

My concerns about electrical knowledge, scales, gauges, scenery, track layout, and a multitude of other things that I was worried about, only served to delay my entry into this wonderful pastime. 

Several years ago I was in the exact same position that you are in right now.  I spent tremendous amount of wasted time, thinking, reading, and day dreaming about model trains as my future hobby.

My concerns about electrical knowledge, scales, gauges, scenery, track layout, and a multitude of other things that I was worried about, only served to delay my entry into this wonderful pastime.

With that said, I want you to know that I spent countless numbers of hours doing research  at public libraries....reading everything I could lay my eyes on about model railroading.

I also spent numerous hours interviewing some of the top model railroaders in the country, and from other parts of the world in an effort to pick their brains  for every piece of information that I could acquire….to be absolutely certain that I hadn’t left any stone unturned in doing my research.  My goal and top priority was to write the best e-book available about model railroading.

With No Further Ado, I Would Like
To Introduce You To…..

“The Definitive Guide To Model Trains”
2nd Edition

      This is the only e-book in existence that takes the
     beginning or intermediate model train hobbyist by
     the hand and guides them every step of the way in
     the hobby of model railroading!

      The 2nd edition of the Definitive Guide To Model Trains is a
     digitally downloadable e-book that contains an amazing
     amount of information about model railroading. This
     e-book is a “must have” for anyone who is just starting
     out or even if you‘ve been involved with this rewarding
     pastime for awhile…..you’ll quickly discover that it’s
     easy to understand and covers everything that you’ll need
                                             to know to build a model railroad empire that you can be
                                             incredibly proud of!


This Is What You're Going To Learn
When You Order Your Copy Of
The 2nd Edition Of "The Definitive
Guide To Model Trains " Today:

1You'll learn how to create amazing terrain within your scenery that will impress both your family and friends in three easy to understand steps and you'll.…

1 Discover how easy it is to understand scales and gauges in three little known but easy to follow steps and....
1 You'll learn some valuable insider secrets about train tracks that few people ever know
about which will dramatically improve your train layout and...

1You’ll learn how to convert your analog layout to a DCC system and whether or not you should even consider DCC and….

1You’ll learn how to find the best prices for your layout, and which items you c upgrade at a later time and which of these are more essential to your layout than others….

1WARNING:  Learn the three most important things you should never do when wiring your train layout and how this will prevent frustrating and time consuming repair problems and....

1You'll discover how to run multiple trains on one track with three proven simple to follow steps that will make your model railroad more fun and interesting and.…

1You'll discover a fast and quick way to avoid problems with your train derailing and how knowing this will save you money by preventing unnecessary repairs and....

1How to take advantage of six time tested and proven strategies for laying out train tracks and how this will make your layout all the more interesting and dramatic and....

1You'll learn several frequently overlooked tips and clever tricks for designing the most impressive "eyecatching" layouts for your scenery and you’ll...

1Discover the once famous but forgotten secret that instantly allows you to create depth within your scenery and how this will make your layout look much larger than it really is and....

1You'll discover the importance of knowing when to do maintenance on your model trains and tracks and how this will prevent future problems and you’ll....

1Learn how to identify the various model train scales and how knowing the difference in each scale will make selecting a scale that is the right choice for you more plausible and you‘ll discover….

1The importance of bench work and how to construct a bench work yourself, and what your best choices are should you happen to decide to buy a pre-build kit and you'll…..
1Discover many common household items which are right at your fingertips that can be used to build fences, scenery, rocks, roads and….

1and much, much more!


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You're Probably Asking  Yourself What
The Bottom Line Is....What's
All This Going To Cost Me?

Actually the cost of my e-book is substantially less than you might think.  If you were to add up the amount of time and expense it would personally cost you to gather all of this information yourself .... you would come to the conclusion that....

"The Definitive Guide To Model Trains" is an absolute bargain at $27.00

Plus, I am including six bonuses valued at $252.00 Free Of Charge

Yes you read this right....That's just a fraction of what it's really worth, and the cost to put this  e-book together and the bonuses  I'm including makes it an unbelievable value...

Countless hours interviewing experts, doing research,  and double checking  to make sure the information included in my e-book is the most  cutting edge and up to date  that is currently available.

The reason why I'm able to make "The Definitive Guide To Model Trains" so         affordable is because it is a digital download, and the cost for doing this is much lower than  if  I had to print it and convert it into a hard copy manual.....and the good news is  that when you order my e-book you'll  be able to receive it instantly!

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All you need is a credit card....no special internet accounts or anything like that and it's 100% safe and secure.  Your credit card information is sent directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.

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Plus, I'm Going To Remove Any
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I'd like to ask you a very reasonable question....If you do nothing what will change? We both know the answer to that question....don't we?  Tomorrow will be the same as today, and the next day, and so on.  Why put off making a decision today?  Take action and start moving in a direction that will help you build the model train layout of your dreams!

Isn't  It Time For You To Build The
Model Train Layout That You've
Always Dreamed Of Having?
The price of this book ($27.00) is a small price to pay to gain all of the information your going need to get started in one of the most rewarding hobbies you'll ever be involved in, and....

More importantly you'll be able to have this e-book at your disposal within 5 minutes, because it's a digital download, and....

Not only that, I've taken the risk completely off the table, by including my 100% money back guarantee!

Quote of the month: “Today is life-the only life you are sure of.
Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself
awake. Develop a hobby.  Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through
you. Live today with gusto.”  Dale Carnegie

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