Walthers Model Trains

The story behind Walthers model trains isn’t necessarily an unusual one, but rather typical of anyone who has become fascinated with model trains as a child.  The difference here is that Wm. K. Walthers took his interest in model railroading to a much higher level than most of us would consider doing.

You see, as a young boy he built a model train layout, which was very extensive and for the most part built from scratch in the attic of the home he grew up in.  Along with this very industrious project he was committed too, he also wrote a series of articles about the more technical aspects of model railroading and was quite surprised, I would expect, at the more than enthusiastic response to his writing.  This motivated the young model railroader to begin producing his own product line.

Although modest in it’s beginning stages, by 1932 Wm K. Walthers blossomed into a full fledged company which manufactured and catered to the needs of model railroaders at all levels of experience.  In fact, the demand for this model train grew so rapidly that a larger manufacturing plant was needed , and the company moved to a new location in Milwaukee that would accommodate this amazing increase in demand for their product line.

All of this was happening prior to World War II, and in 1937 Walther decided to focus production on the HO scale, which is one of the more popular scales among hobbyist today.  The HO scale is 1/87 the size of it’s real life prototype, and although diminutive in size is a perfect solution for hobbyist who have limited space available for their layouts.  Moreover, this scales size is rich in exacting detail.

During the war years times were difficult For Walthers as they were for many other companies, but in the years that followed the company flourished and has enjoyed great success.  One of the nice and comforting things about this company is that it is a family run business and over the years, two of Walther’s sons have become part of the company, and their contributions have added to the continued growth and success of this great model train company.

An interesting change for this company occurred in 2005 when Life Like model trains purchased its model train division.  This merger has however, in no way detracted from the quality of the product line but has contributed to its improvement instead.

Today, Wm. K. Walthers continues to place it’s attention on improving the product line and to providing its customers with the most current and up to date technology that is available to further enhance the model railroaders experience with this terrific hobby.  Your shopping needs can be handled online as well as at your local hobby store, as most reputable hobby stores reliably carry the Walther’s product line.

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